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When Your Automatic Garage Door Fails, Seek Help

It can happen: you’re late for a morning meeting and your automatic garage door won’t open to let you out! Or you’re coming home from a late supper, pulling into the garage and then the door gets stuck halfway down! These, and many other garage door problems, often have to do with the garage door springs.

Garage Door Springs are Often Overlooked Most people don’t give too much thought to their garage door springs, even though they are the most important part on the garage door and garage door opener when it comes to the raising and lowering of the door. Think about it: your garage door springs are responsible for all that heavy lifting! Reasons Garage Door Springs Fail Simple wear-and-tear over the years is the main reason for garage door spring failure. Most properly installed springs are meant to last about 10,000 cycles (one cycle includes the opening and the closing of the door). Think about how many times you drive in and out of your garage, how often your kids open and close the garage door to use their bikes or how many times you open and close the door to take out the trash. Eventually, all this opening and closing adds up and the springs wear out and break. Other reasons include:

  • Rust: Lifespan of springs will be shortened if rust develops because corrosive rust weakens the coils. If your door has two torsion springs, we recommend that you change both at the same time.

  • Improper maintenance: It’s important to spray coils with a lubricant a few times per year; if your door is squeaky or noisy after you spray the lubricant, call a professional that deals with garage door openers or garage door repairs in Calgary. Your garage door balance should also be checked every year. Lift your door up halfway and let go; springs in good working order should keep it completely still; if the door falls/sags, the springs need adjustment. You should call a professional that deals with garage door openers or garage door repair in Calgary.

Be Careful: Garage Door Springs can be Dangerous When your automatic garage door fails, it’s time to call a professional garage door repair company in Calgary to replace your springs. You don’t want to be fiddling around with garage door springs that are tightly wound and under a lot of tension! Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this includes emergency services. Our experienced repair professionals will take care of all your garage door repair needs. Visit our website to learn more and request a free estimate, or give us a call today.


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