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Rubber Roll-up Industrial Doors in Calgary

Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. offers high-speed rubber roll-up industrial doors in Calgary from Indotech Industrial Doors. These fast-action industrial doors offer superior quality and are custom-created to meet your exact specifications.


The Tech-Roll Series are high-speed roll-up rubber industrial doors built with quality materials and technologically advanced components. All Tech-Roll products comply with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements, as well as the standards of the National Building Code, and support wind loads of 144km/h (20 PSF). Call us today to learn more about our services.

Tech-Roll Pro™ Roll-Up Rubber Doors Features

The Tech-Roll Pro™ door model is manufactured to answer the needs of the mining, transport, and heavy industries with doors measuring up to 400 square feet and low traffic flow. Designed to withstand severe and harsh environments, its construction combines durability, ruggedness, and reliability. It offers energy savings, is highly weather-resistant and low maintenance, and provides for fast reinstallation after impact. The worm gear reducer allows the door to open and close at 12 to 18 inches/second.

Tech-Roll Ultra™

The high-performance Tech-Roll Ultra™ is equipped with a helical gear reducer that allows the door to be opened or closed at 19 to 60 inches/second. This model is the preferred choice for intensive use environments, such as underground parking garages and warehouses. The Tech-Roll Ultra™ is also available equipped with a low maintenance inertia brake.

Tech-Roll Mega™

Designed for heavy-duty industries, the Tech-Roll Mega™ is ideal for large-scale projects. Efficient and reliable, the Tech-Roll Mega™ is the right choice for construction that requires doors that measure more than 400 square feet and are used up to 100 cycles per day.

LOOKING FOR a Tech-Roll Rapid Roll Door?

Check the technical specifications of Pro, Ultra, and Mega series to choose an ideal door yourself.

Technical Specifications for the Tech-Roll Series

Model Pro Ultra Mega
Usage Up to 100 cycles per day More than 100 cycles per day Up to 100 cycles per day
Dimensions Up to 400 ft² or 20 ft. (W or H) Up to 400 ft² or 20 ft. (W or H) From 400 ft² to 1,200 ft²
Opening Speed 12 to 18 inches/sec 19 to 60 inches/sec Please contact us
Operator Performance IGH operator: worm gear reducer for models up to 250 ft² UIGH operator: brake-motor with helical reducer MIGH3 operator: brake-motor with spiral-helical reducer for models between 400 ft² and 650 ft²
  IGH operator: brake-motor with worm gear reducer for models between 250 ft² and 400 ft²   MIGH5 operator: brake-motor with spiral-helical reducer for models between 650 ft² and 1,200 ft² (For larger surface areas, please contact us)
Springless Option Not available Available with inertia brake Please contact us
Other Available Options Soft bottom edge for easy repairs and safety Soft bottom edge for easy repairs and safety. For larger surface areas, please contact us.
  Dual-Drive option Ideal choice for mining industries: better ventilation control, can operate at high atmospheric pressures, pull and push drive.   Variable Speed Drive for the usage of more than 300 cycles per day, up to 60 inches/sec

Programmable Control Panels

A specially designed electronic management system for fast action doors not only ensures safe handling of the mechanism but also offers:

          A self-diagnosis of the door’s electrical system and components

          A real-time digital display of the various operations

          A variable-speed drive, allowing smooth acceleration and stopping


Rapid Roll Doors

We carry Pro, Ultra, and Mega series of rapid roll doors for you to choose from.

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