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Garage Door Replacement for Calgary Homes & Businesses

Updating your business or home’s exterior takes more than a fresh coat of paint. Installing a new garage door can add much-needed curb appeal to your property while also increasing the security and safety of your home or business. If you’re looking to upgrade, Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd can provide professional garage door replacement to Calgary homeowners as well as commercial and industrial property owners. We carry great garage door brands from residential doors like LiftMaster® to commercial styles like Steel-Craft.


You might choose a sophisticated wood-grain look from our Elite series or a customized door from our Esteem series. You can also take advantage of a new door at work. If your industrial property doesn't use insulated doors, talk to us about installing a Therm-O-Dor™ to save energy at your workplace.

Common Signs That Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced

Replacing your garage door is a pretty significant investment. So it’s important to know if your garage door needs a replacement or not. Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd look for specific signs on your door to let you know if it’s time for it to be replaced. Some of these common signs include:

          Frequent maintenance for door breakdowns or noise – After time repairs and maintenance will become too costly and a new garage door can be a less expensive investment in the long run compared to constant repairs.

          Out-of-date design or style – An old garage door can make your whole property’s exterior appear unattractive and unappealing. By installing a more modern garage door, you can increase both your curb appeal and overall property value.

          Lack of safety or efficiency features – Compared to older models, modern garage doors are just safer and more efficient. Modern garage doors come with built-in safety components, reducing the risk of accidents when a door is in operation. Newer garage door models are also better insulated to promote energy-efficient.

          Use of garage door changes – A change in the use of your garage door may be a good time to think about replacement. Upgrading to a more efficient model with a smoother operation can help the garage door withstand the wear and tear that comes with increased usage.


Your Go-To Garage Door Replacement Professionals in Calgary

When it comes to garage door replacement, Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd is your go-to garage door professionals. Our family-owned business has been serving the areas since 1953, and we still take pride in our history by offering fair prices and quality products to Calgary homeowners, businesses and industries. Our business also takes pride in the surrounding community by recycling metal and wood parts from any old garage doors we dispose of to help protect the environment.


Customers know us not only for our prompt repairs but also for our wide array of LifeMaster® and Steel-Craft garage doors. If your current garage door is beyond repair, or if you simply want to enhance your property's value, contact us for a free quote. Most replacements take about half a day to install, giving you the chance to have a brand new garage door before the day is done.

Get Your Garage Door Replaced Today

Trust the experts at Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. for safe and prompt garage door replacements.

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