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Preventive Maintenance Services in Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Many people don’t know that costly repairs they undertake on their commercial and residential overhead or garage doors could have been easily avoided with preventative maintenance. At Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd., we strongly recommend routine maintenance programs for both commercial and residential garage doors. Your overhead or garage doors are the heaviest moving element in your home or business, and such door systems must get regular tune-up service by a professional technician to ensure smooth and safe functioning at all times. We have the skills and resources to offer planned maintenance and tune-up programs. We serve both commercial and residential customers requiring garage door maintenance services in Calgary and surrounding areas. Schedule a service now.

How Often Should Your Garage Doors Be Maintained?

The climate and surrounding conditions can accelerate the daily wear and tear of your garage doors, impacting its efficiency in the long run. Since you rely on them every day, it is important to have the right maintenance program in place that detects small problems early and fixes any damage that would otherwise require replacement. At Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd., we recommend that your garage doors be tuned-up at least once every 6 to 9 months, especially before the start of winter and spring season. However, the frequency can vary depending on the specific conditions your commercial or residential garage door functions in. To determine the best preventive maintenance program for your overhead doors or garage doors, get in touch with one of our technicians for a consultation and free estimate today.


What Can Preventive Maintenance Service Do for You?

Regularly-scheduled preventive maintenance supports your garage doors in providing outstanding performance for many years. Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. ensures that you get a well-rounded service in each maintenance visit. Our preventive maintenance begins with a detailed inspection followed by necessary adjustments and lubrication processes, as opposed to repairs that happen when a problem has already occurred. We also do visual inspections to identify worn out parts and suggest replacements, which would otherwise have caused a system failure. This proactive maintenance helps in:


          Ensuring smooth operations or daily routine by preventing unexpected breakdowns.

          Safeguarding your belongings in the garage from theft and harmful weather conditions.

          Improving overall energy efficiency.

          Reducing unnecessary downtime or costly repair.

Plan Your Preventive Maintenance Program

Schedule a preventive maintenance appointment for your commercial or residential garage doors in Calgary today!

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