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24-Hour Emergency Garage Door Repairs in Calgary

When you have to rush to go somewhere, the last thing you need is a garage door that won't open.


This is especially the case if you get stuck in your garage after regular business hours. Most garage door companies will happily repair your system during the day. But if you have a problem in the middle of the night, you might have to wait, even if you have an emergency.


That's why you rely on Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. We understand that you can't wait for assistance, so we provide 24/7 emergency garage door repairs in Calgary.

Receive Prompt Service and 24-Hour Commercial Door Repair in Calgary

Garage door problems can run the gamut from a broken spring to a sticking door. But when you need to get out or in, any problem can seem overwhelming.


Luckily, our professionals will arrive promptly on the scene, whether it's midnight or 5 a.m. We also understand that your doors need to work reliably at home and work, so we service both residential and commercial garage doors.


Stay Safe and Call Us First

Even if you keep the moving parts clean and oiled, over time they can still wear out. If you face any of the following problems, call us:

          The door won't budge – If your door seems frozen in place, the problem may be your opener. However, you may also have an uneven door or a bent wheel track.

          The door falls quickly – If doors slam down quickly, they pose a danger to those nearby. Chances are that your springs may be broken or you may also have a broken cable. Call us immediately.

          The door remote doesn't function – If your remote doesn't open the door even after you've checked your remote's batteries and aligned your door sensors, call us. Your problem may be the opener itself.


While we're on the scene, we can also check for problems such as grinding noises, uneven door movement and electrical problems.

Don't wait a moment longer. Call us today at 403-279-2915 for emergency garage door repair in Calgary.

24-Hour Emergency Garage Door Repairs

Whether it’s the middle of the night or early in the morning, our professionals are available 24 hours to cater to your emergency repair needs.

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