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Flush Steel Garage Doors in Calgary

For durable, contemporary, and natural look to your garage doors, call Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. Besides quality appearance, flush doors are also designed to provide effortless protection from the outdoor elements. Discuss with our staff about various flush steel garage doors options available in Calgary. You can find these doors 1-3/8” thick which is the same as an insulation R-value of 12.60.


The steel panels come with a factory-applied, two-coat polyester paint finish, available in three colours. You can also paint the Flush series doors according to the exterior colour specifications of your home.

Features of Steel-Craft’s Flush doors are:

          Blend seamlessly for a harmonious visual display

          Made of quality, Canadian-made steel

          Thicker than other doors and are energy-efficient

          Available in varied styles and colours

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Door Colours

Every door is finished with a factory-applied, baked-on, two-coat polyester paint finish - giving years of maintenance-free operation. The door may also be painted to suit th-on,e exterior colour specifications of your home.


FL134 Elite


The door may also be painted according to the exterior colour specifications of your home. The accuracy of the colours displayed may vary depending on the settings of your monitor. For an exact colour reference, please contact us for colour samples.

Window Designs

Flush doors are designed using premium quality glass and are available as plain lite, snap-in decorative designs, and inlaid muntin bars.

Plain Lite

Available in 5/8" Thermopane:

Inlaid Muntin Bars

Available in 5/8" ThermoPane Muntin bars in white, pewter, or brass:

Snap-in Decorative Designs

Available in 5/8" ThermoPane:

Decorative Hardware



Door Sizes

Flush doors are 1-3/8” thick and come in standard heights of 6' through 18', with the standard headroom requirement of 12". Low headroom kits are available. For 18-foot-wide doors, the maximum height is 8'.

Door size chart

Height of Door Number of 21" Panels Number of 24" Panels Total Panels
6'   3 3
7' 4   4
7'3" 3 1 4
7'6" 2 2 4
7'9" 1 3 4
8'   4 4
8'9" 5   5
9' 4 1 5
9'3" 3 2 5
9'6" 2 3 5
9'9" 1 4 5
10'   5 5



Flush Steel Garage Doors

Installing Flush steel doors will not only enhance the appearance but will also protect your property from the elements.

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