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Smart Garage Solutions From myQ® in Calgary & Surrounding Areas


Commercial or residential, most garage doors are opened and closed several times a week. However, this little job can be a great hassle and potentially unsafe with manual models. Add automation to your old garage door and make your life a lot easier with Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. We offer myQ® automation solutions for both commercial and residential overhead or garage doors. Whether you want to manage the entry and exit in your commercial premises, better secure your belongings, or simply want to eliminate that push-and-pull job around your overhead doors, we can help you automate these door systems for comfort, protection, and efficiency.

Give Our Old-Fashioned Garage Doors a Modern Touch With myQ®

Find smart solutions for your dated model at Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. Enjoy complete control of your home’s or business’ most important access point from any location at any time with myQ® range. Whether you have a garage door from LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, or one manufactured back in 1998 or before, we can retrofit it with smart features from myQ® range.


          Smart Openers: With myQ® smart openers, you can get enhanced control over your garage door. It allows you to custom-set time to automatically open and close as well as immediately get notified if you or a family member has left the door open. This feature even allows up to three people to share control over devices, which means open, close, and do so much more from anywhere.

          Smart Garage Hub: Through the cloud-based myQ® app, maximize your control over your commercial or residential garage doors. Adding a smartphone control to your garage door opener makes way for important notifications to be delivered to you right away. You can remotely open your garage door for a delivery guy and even ensure that the package is securely placed inside your garage.

          Smart Garage Camera: This 140⁰ wide-angle garage camera from myQ® enables you to keep a close watch on everything that matters. It records videos in 1080p full HD quality and is motion-sensitive, which means you will get an immediate alert if an intruder is near your garage or on your property. The camera is designed to work efficiently, even in extreme weather conditions.

          Smart Locks: The trouble with keys is that they get lost! But worry not. Upgrade to myQ® smart lock. No more getting locked out of the house as you just have to punch in the password to unlock your garage door. Its amazing auto-lock feature further extends your control to enjoy seamless in-garage deliveries, allowing you to automatically lock and unlock doors during deliveries.

Upgrade Your Old Garage Door

Partner with Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. to find the right solution for your lifestyle and needs.

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