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Aluminum SA6000 in Calgary

Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. offers Aluminum SA6000 overhead doors that mix smart design with lightweight construction. These doors do not have vertical stiles and therefore, sightlines are clean and the look is contemporary. The Aluminum SA6000 doors we offer in Calgary deliver maximum visibility and high light transmission, helping to brighten large shops and work bays.


You will find these overhead doors strong because of custom-extruded rails and stiles. Intermediate and bottom vinyl weather stripping and rails help the door to function well in adverse climatic conditions.

Aluminum SA6000

Features of Aluminum SA6000

The SA6000 is available in various colours and a complete selection of custom paint options. Additional characteristics are:

The Steel-Craft Aluminum SA6000 door features leading-edge design elements combined with extremely lightweight construction.

They come with full-view sections featuring Thermoclear® with no visible vertical stiles, delivering a clean look with maximum visibility and high light transmission.

Standard Door Size

The SA6000 comes in standard heights and widths from 8' x 6' up to 20' x 18'.

Anodizing Colour Options

Clear #17

Clear #17
Additional custom anodizing colours are available. Please contact us for details.

Vision Lite Options

Thermoclear® Polycarbonate

Available in triple wall 16mm. Colour options include clear, bronze, blue, and green.


The glazing material (Thermoclear®) used is ideal for humid environments, however it differs from glass in that it is not sealed, therefore condensation may form in the cellular walls when interior/exterior temperatures are such that dew point temperatures are created (usually in periods of cooler weather). This condensation usually disappears when warmer weather returns.


Looking for Lightweight and Durable Doors?

Choose Aluminum SA6000 doors that are not only durable and lightweight but also available in various colours.

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