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Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door

Needs and wants are two distinct characteristics of contemporary living and knowing the difference when it comes to your home is essential. Something that may need repairs can easily turn into a want to replace, while sometimes we simply want to repair (or ignore) something when deep down we know it needs to be replaced. Decisions and economics play a big role in our everyday life, and with more Canadians choosing to renovate than travel, it means updating your business or home’s exterior takes more than a fresh coat of paint these days.

For example, installing a new garage door from Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. can add much-needed curb appeal to your home, business, commercial, or industrial property while also increasing the security and safety of your property. To help you determine between simply wanting a great garage door from residential brands like LiftMaster® to commercial styles like Steel-Craft, here are a few signs to suggest that it’s time to replace your garage door:

  • Repeated Breakdowns: A garage door that does not work well can pose safety risks. Frequent maintenance and persistent garage door noise are two signs where it can make more financial sense to replace the garage door compared to constant costly repairs. This is also a good time to upgrade to the required insulation needed to protect your automobiles and other assets in your garage.

  • Safety and Efficiency Features: Modern garage doors come with built-in safety components, reducing the risk of accidents when a door is in operation. Newer garage door models are also better insulated to promote energy-efficient.

  • Change of Function: A change in the use of your garage may be a good time to think about door replacement – hobby, work, or even another living space - upgrading to a more efficient model with a smoother operation can help the garage door withstand the wear and tear that comes with increased usage while adding a state-of-the-art contemporary design.

  • Antiquated Design: Garage doors are a significant architectural element and one of the most outstanding parts of any building, and an old garage door can make your whole property’s exterior appear unattractive and unappealing, whereas a beautifully designed garage door will instantly increase your property value – and beckon potential buyers if you are thinking of selling your property.

Garage doors come in staggering variety options – from sleek, flush-panel contemporary doors to matched pairs of classic carriage-house doors complete with crossbuck detailing. All types of garage doors may include windows that are arched or rectangular, frosted or clear and located at eye level or high enough to allow light without views. Garage doors are manufactured from steel, fibreglass composites, wood, and aluminum. A door’s main material and construction determine its durability and the maintenance needed to keep it in good shape. If the return on investment is a priority consider adding an automatic garage door opener at the same time. The key is to do your homework and find the style that will complement your home. If you’re concerned that it’s time to replace your garage door, contact your go-to garage door professionals Calgary Overhead Doors Ltd. at 403-279-2915 today or use our form to request a free estimate. Emergency repair service is available 24 hours a day.


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