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Steel-Craft's Therm-O-Dor Garage Door in Calgary

Setting the standard in overhead commercial doors, Steel-Craft’s Therm-O-Dor™ series provide the highest standards in quality and performance and are built with top quality materials by a leader in manufacturing technology.

  • Made of steel with 2 thickness options -- 1-3/8" thick (R value of 12.6) and 1-3/4" (R value of 16)
  • Strong, energy efficient & smooth in operation
  • The best choice for your overhead commercial door needs; ideal for warehouse or agricultural needs

Superior Strength

Manufactured from top quality Canadian steel to ensure maximum strength, the Therm-O-Dor™ model features an exclusive, patented mechanical interlock design that locks together the exterior and interior skins. The result is an exceptionally strong door, unequalled in quality and performance.


Therm-O-Dor™ utilizes the latest technology to achieve maximum durability. Galvanized steel offers the unique combination of superior strength, light weight and corrosion resistance. A zinc coating plus exterior polyester paint top coats provides a continuous metallic barrier which does not allow moisture to contact the steel. The result is a leading edge overhead door that provides years of protection from fading and corrosion.


Therm-O-Dor™ offers excellent protection against break-ins. Door sections are manufactured with a solid core of polyurethane, covered with 2 exterior skins of steel. The sections are held together with heavy duty hardware and interior side locks to provide strength and security for your business.

Energy Efficient

Therm-O-Dor’s polyurethane insulation process is CFC and HCFC free, granting a zero Ozone Depletion and zero Global Warming Potential Rating. This is a significant environmental achievement and a reflection of our ongoing commitment to the environment. No other insulation offers higher R-value, resulting in improved energy efficiency for your business.

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