View from the inside of an empty garage facing the garage door with a garage door opener installed

5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Garage Door Opener

Most homeowners don't give too much thought to their garage door opener until the day that they need a new one. When that day comes, how can you be sure to choose the right garage door opener for your Calgary home? At Calgary Overhead Doors, a supplier of garage door openers in Calgary, we recommend that our clients keep five key considerations in mind when choosing a new garage door opener.

They are:

1. Budget
The first step that homeowners should take when looking for garage door openers is to consider their budget. The least expensive type of garage door opener uses a chain drive. Side mount of jackshaft belt drive are more expensive than chain drives, while systems tend to be the most expensive option. It may seem tempting to simply choose a chain drive but, if your budget allows for it, there are some very good reasons to consider belt drive jackshaft as well.

2. Maintenance
While the least expensive option, the trade-off for a chain drive is that it usually requires the most maintenance of the three. Screw drives, on the other hand, require very little attention other than needing to be regularly lubricated in order to ensure smooth operation. Durable belt drive systems and jackshaft, while more costly on the outset, are almost entirely maintenance-free and therefore don't incur many additional costs over the course of their operating lives.

3. Noise
Homeowners should also consider the noise of the different drive systems. Chain drives and slightly quieter belt drives don't usually pose too much of a noise problem for most households. However, in homes where the garage is directly underneath or adjacent to living areas or to bedrooms, the quieter operation of a belt drive system may be preferred. With the installation of car lifts and jackshaft, a modification to your door may be required.

4. Motor strength
Aside from the type of drive system they want to use, homeowners should also consider the motor strength that their garage door opener needs to have. Most standard garage doors can be easily lifted with a 1/2 horsepower motor. However, certain types of heavier doors may require a 3/4 or even a one full horsepower motor.

5. Safety features
Finally, getting a garage door opener which is equipped with strong safety features is incredibly important. Features such as a door edge sensor and door reversal will help prevent any injuries from coming to yourself and your family as a result of unsafe garage door operation or simply of unforeseen circumstances. Homeowners with pets and small children should pay attention to making sure that their garage door opener comes with these features.

Garage Door Openers in Calgary for All Your Needs

Calgary Overhead Doors has been providing reliable products for Calgary homeowners for over 60 years. From quality garage door openers to effective garage door repairs, our team of experts is here to take care of all of your garage door needs. If you're in the market for garage door openers in Calgary, then don't hesitate to contact Calgary Overhead Doors today!

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